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Friday, January 4, 2013


Hi there! I'm glad you decided to stop by. This is my little place on the web where I can post pictures of things I want to share with other people who have common interests.

My favorite things to do are cook, travel and decorate/craft. I don't claim to be good at any of them... except maybe cooking. Baking is my favorite past time and I think Alton Brown is the bee's knees. I believe cooking is more of a science than an art, which may explain my inclination towards baking, but each dish is a unique adventure. I tend to weigh my dry ingredients for exact measure and make notes on recipes for future improvements. (There's nothing worse than creating something spectacular only to discover that you can never recreate it again!)

I'm a software developer who has to travel to my clients frequently so I take full advantage of the travel perks to see the whole world. There's no place I don't want to see and I'll probably soon be in a town near you.

Comments from readers are welcome as I'm always looking for advice or tips on how something could be done better.

I'm looking forward to reading your blogs as well.



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  1. Luckily I'm not too inclined to travel, so I won't feel the need to hate you!