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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tardis cake: It's Bigger on the Inside!

Here's the 7 layer key lime TARDIS cake I made for a friend's birthday. The outside was made of melted white chocolate that was kneaded into a moulding clay.

Special thanks to CakesByChoppA who did this terrific YouTube video on how to make a TARDIS cake. Another special thanks to MyCupcakeaddiction who did the instructional video an how to turn white chocolate into a moulding clay so it could be used like fondant for the cake. You guys are awesome!

You don't know what the TARDIS is? Well, it's the space ship that Dr Who uses to travel through time and space. It's disguised on the outside as a blue British police telephone box.

The key to making a tall verticle layer cake is having a really good spongecake recipe. It has to be tender, but also strong and light enough to withstand so many layers without extra support.

This is my first time working with melted chocolate as a "moulding clay" and it was surprisingly easy to work with. It took two days to make the chocolate exterior because you have to knead it, then leave it to sit overnight, then repeat. I'm not by any stretch an artist, so the cake looks a little bit juvenile.

At the last minute, I panicked because there were holes cut out for the windows and I'd forgotten to leave out a bit of white chocolate before working the food coloring into it. A quick 2AM Google later, and the liquid "sugar glass" was being poured into the window holes with much worry that the white chocolate frame would melt. It didn't. Score!

The real TARDIS travels through time and space and looks a bit dingy so I rubbed on black food coloring (especially into the cracks) to make it look a little bit more dimensional (ha!)

I realized this morning that I'd forgotten to put little window panes on the glass or add the little lock on the door, but you can't win them all.

I ordered a small self contained LED light to stick on top, but it was delayed in shipment so improvisation was necessary.

All in all, my specialty lies in deliciousness not beauty so I'm pleased with it for something so far outside of my comfort zone.

Everyone should have a TARDIS!
It's bigger on the inside! And it goes great with homemade strawberry cheesecake ice cream



  1. Thanks for the shout out mate!
    you did a great job!!

  2. My daughters would love this!!!!

    1. Awesome! I hope they enjoy! :) For the cake, make sure it's a sponge cake recipe because I don't think a regular cake would hold up to 7 layers. Another possibility might be to use a cake mix but add an extra egg.

      I'm hoping to take a stab at making a Dalek cake soon.