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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How to Make Yogurt (Regular, Greek and Frozen)

Yogurt with honey and grapes, our favorite! Notice that we didn't
even bother to drain off all the whey so my yogurt is a little
thin which is exactly how we like it.
We make yogurt once a week and eat a bowl of it every day for breakfast. We love it. :) It helps our tummies work properly and we save a ton of money by making it ourselves. It also allows us to avoid all the artificial flavors and sweeteners that are in them.

What we really love about homemade yogurt is the rich creamy texture. The yogurts sold in America (even the organic varieties) have starch or other thickeners that give them a pasty texture. It reminds us of eating glue which we claim to have given up in the 3rd grade. Or by high school. We're not telling. :) But the point is... We like it to be creamy and not chocked full of funky stuff we can't pronounce. Also, we like to have control over how tangy it is. If we're using it with fruit or sprinkling powdered sugar or honey in it, we like it tangy (aged). But if we're going to make frozen yogurt out of it, we prefer it to be very bland (not aged) so that it's a terrific neutral base. (Store bought yogurt is too tangy and pasty to make frozen yogurt out of.)

The best part is that it's so simple! The only special equipment you need is a thermometer and a heating pad that doesn't automatically cycle off. (We got ours at CVS drug store for $8.99.)