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Friday, February 12, 2016

5 Last-Minute Valentine's Gift Ideas

Your face when someone gives you drug-store chocolates
or a stuffed-animal for Valentine's Day
There are few things more challenging than gift giving, especially for Valentine's Day. (I'm still recovering from the emotional scars of an ant-farm gift several years ago.)

What do you get for the person who has everything?

Drug store chocolates? (Definitely a relationship-ender.)
Flowers? (They'll be compost in a few short days.)
Stuffed animal? (It smells like Febreeze and divorce!)

To help, I've compiled a list of really great last minute hand-made Valentine's gift ideas you can pick up all within a stone's throw of each other right here in Orlando, Florida from local artisans at Artegon Marketplace at 5250 International Drive.
  1. Sugar Daddy Bakery Gift Box

    Sugar Daddy Bakery specializes in locally roasted coffee and artisan hand-made delicious baked goods. You haven't been there yet? You should find out what you're missing! Their brownies are huge, chewy delicious double-chocolate things and all their cupcakes are filled and amazing. What they're really known for is their amazing salted chewy chocolate chip cookies loaded with ghirardelli chocolate chips. And their huge, chewy cinnamon rolls. (If Cinnabon made good cinnamon rolls, they'd taste just like these. :) This isn't your average bakery.

    They're currently offering a beautiful gift box and a handmade card from SOS Art Gallery when you purchase $15 or more of their baked goods. Who wouldn't want a giant chewy cinnamon roll, a chewy raspberry-cream cheese double chocolate brownie and a couple of filled gourmet cupcakes? (And be sure to pick up a fresh-roasted gourmet coffee to carry with you while you check out the next shops on the list.)

  2. Handmade cards from SOS Art Gallery

    Instead of buying some tacky drug-store greeting card that'll be thrown in the recycle bin before the weekend is over, try one of these beautiful handmade cards from SOS Art Gallery. There are a lot to choose from, but each one is so beautiful that any choice is a sure win. The best part is, they're beautiful enough to frame and commemorate the day instead of tossing in the trash later. So a card and art? Win-win!

  3. Unique trinkets from Via Francesca

    This store is filled with adorable Valentine ideas. It's basically a treasure trove of really cute, customizable things for home and life. Everything from painted glasses to rings, stamped spoons, and even custom stamped bottle openers and key chains. It's the perfect place to buy a unique last minute Valentine's gift. Each item is hand made and most can be customized on the spot.

    You can find her beautiful things on Etsy too at

    Aren't these plant-markers the cutest
    things you've ever seen??
  4. Beautiful jewelry from Jewelry Noveau

    If you're looking to up your game in the jewelry department but don't want to spend a lot of money, these ladies have the whole range of jewelry from folk-art beads to high end precious gems. If you bring in a picture or two of your significant other, they're happy to help you find a piece in your budget that your Valentine is sure to love. (You can also sign yourselves up for a jewelry class if you want to score some major brownie points for a date night!)
  5. Florida Soap Company

    This place is quite possibly one of my favorite stores in Orlando. Their full line of bath products smell AMAZING and I must admit I'm slowly developing an addiction to their bath-bombs. They're huge and scented strong enough to turn my giant bathtub and master bathroom into the daily spa oasis I always dreamed it would one day be. Not only is the best aromatherapy in central Florida, they're all made of really high quality ingredients that don't irritate my sensitive skin. They carry all kinds of scrubs, soaps and lotions, but I have to admit, it's their bath bombs I'm having a secret affair with.

    These great stores are all inside the Artegon Marketplace between the main entrance and the movie theater.

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